Just the way you are

Be exactly who you are. 
No more and no less. 

There is no point trying to become somebody you’re not because you will make relationships with people you don’t even like. You will do things you loathe and live the life you are not meant to live.

Embrace every single bit of you. Everybody is fascinating if they were allowed to express their full selves. So many people try so hard to become people they’re not. To hide their true selves in order to fulfil some kind of social expectation. They hide their weirdness, randomness, their uniqueness

Be remarkable. We were created to be remarkable people. People worthy of a remark. And we can’t do that if we’re busy creating characters for ourselves. 

As always it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t change to become better versions of ourselves. Just make sure it is change towards better versions of ourselves and not second rate versions of other people. 

Stop trying to be like other people. Or worse be cool, calm, collected. Unless that is who you are. Rip off the masks, throw out the filthy frocks. Say exactly what’s on your mind. Screw the boring and just be plain interesting YOU. 

You are remarkable. Fascinating. Incredible. The world needs you, so quit faking and just be. you.